"ALEXANDROS FOKMEE" (Full name is " ALEXANDER SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANIZATION AND EDUCATION") is a non-governmental and not for profit organization, founded in Athens on January 2011. Social welfare and education are the organization's main development axes.

"ALEXANDROS FOKMEE" was awarded the following E.U. co-funded projects following relevant public tenders

1. Program "Aid at Home"

aidathomeThis program (concluded by 31.12.2011), was developed and implemented by the Organization's structure "ALEXANDROS FOKMEE -AID AT HOME".  This structure, of eight persons staff, is capable to provide services to 120 retired or/and disabled people.
Under the EU co-funded project named "Harmonization of family and professional life with the provision of aid at home services to dependents of unemployed  or threatened by unemployment citizens who are benefiting from active employment policies" our organization  served  95 retired or/and disabled people. The personnel employed to cater for the program's services were 3 social workers and psychologists, 2 nurses, 2 family assistants, 3 drivers.

The services provided are:


Social Worker - Psychologist Services

1. Advisory services to the beneficiary or/and to the beneficiary's family
2. Psychological support (people with chronic mental illness, people with disabilities, people who resent aging etc)
3. Social profile, needs identification, presentation of relevant civil rights and civil services to alleviate their problem.
4. Contacts with state agencies or state/private health services:

1) Pension funds, Welfare Agencies and Institutions

2) Coordination - Facilitating and escorting services / arranging for personal needs (banking transactions or contacts with City agencies (tax office, post office, agricultural organizations, etc.)
3) Coordination - Facilitating and escorting services / arranging for personal medical care issues (doctor's visit at patient's home or  patient's visit to the doctor's office, review of chronic disease, ambulance, etc.)
4) Other services : visits to relatives / friends to avoid social exclusion, personal religious needs, walk in the cafeteria, etc.)

5)      Updating the  family environment


Services provided by nurses

1. Investigation of nursing needs, taking nursing profile, providing nursing education for avoiding polypharmacy.
2. Informing the physician and the benefited spot emergency
3. Checking for blood pressure, pulse
4. Taking temperature
5. Glucose control, blood sugar control
6. Check medication
7. Medication under the guidance of the attending physician
8. Care of pressure sores
9. Change catheter (presence of doctor)
10. Change uro-collector (presence of doctor)
11. Colostomy care
12. Injection therapy
13. Wounds Care
14. Foot Care (edema - circulatory)
15. Donation
16. Vaccination
17. Diet Delivery
18. Accompaniment to the hospital or wherever there is need
19. Prescription drugs at the physician's visit
20. Arranging for appointments for tests or medical examinations
21. Personal hygiene
22. In-house agility help
23. Supply of drugs

Family Services Assistant

1. Supply of drugs
2. General cleaning (cleaning kitchen room, bathroom, refrigerator, closets etc.)
4. Washing dishes
5. Window cleaning
6. Washing machine - carpet cleaning
7. Wiping - mopping
8. Dusting
9. Ironing
10. Carpet cleaning and laying, purchasing of food and personal hygiene items.
11. Payment of bills - Mediation with Public Services
12. Foot Care - manicurist
13. Catering (preparation - preparation - providing breakfast / lunch - sweet)
14. Personal hygiene (washing, bathing, foot bath)
15. Transfer by car
16. In-house agility help


"Creating jobs through local public benefit programs"


Sectoral Operational Program "Human Resources Development" within the Greek National Strategic Reference Program 2007-2013 (http://www.espa.gr/en/Pages/staticWhatIsESPA.aspx )

The aims of the project are:

  • Strengthening youth employment through active employment policies.
  • Enhancing the employability of women through active employment policies.
  • Activating long-term unemployed and preventing them from labor market exclusion
  • Improving the effectiveness of employment policies.


2. Program for charitable jobs (ALEXANDROS is recruting, organizing, coordinating personnel to cater for  a charity program with the Holy Bishopricof "ILION, ACHARNES & PETROUPOLI" in the Attica Region of Greece) (2012-2013)


The program is financed by the European Social Fund and creates 234 jobs.

The project requires the development of human capital and of social entrepreneurship nature. Its objective is two-fold:
A. To alleviate groups of citizens that gradually find  themselves marginalized by economic and social reality
B. To improve social cohesion among jobless skilled or non-skilled citizens, who either are marginalized or at the borderline.

Jobs created are making good use of the Holy Bishopric existing social care structures.

The city areas, where the interventions are happening are populated by over 300,000 citizens. The expected outcome is a continuous feedback loop of a local social economy, which would potentially create a new perspective on remuneration policies as well as provision of jobs, especially in the current conditions of economic hardship and low state economic intervention.
Axes-interventions of the program are:

1.  Coordination, Health and Safety at Work
2. Facilitating the everyday parishioners disabled and elderly (methodical recording, quantification and evaluation services)
3. Youth Activities - Education and Culture
Action 3.1. Tutorial, remedial teaching, training, and ancient Greek literature
Action 3.2.  Support to the summer camp activities of the Holly Bishopric

4. Food and Clothing for fellow man
5. "Love Portions", preparation and disposal of food for the poor, the refugees, etc.
6.  Cleaning and restoration of landscape aesthetics of Churches, monasteries and other Holly Bishopric buildings.

During this program, we facilitated the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program, named "Helping Hand", of Alpha Bank. We, actually helped the Holy Bishopric of "ILION, ACHARNES & PETROUPOLI, by coordinating the delivery of  several hundred of trolleys packed with pasta, pulses, rice, food cans, flower, olive oil, biscuits to citizens in need in 44 parishes. All the contents of the trolleys were donated by companies, customers of the Alpha Bank.

We have, also, organized and operated the social grocery shop of the Holy Bishopric and collaborated efficiently and smoothly with major Socially Responsible Greek Super-Market chains, who were procuring all of the groceries.


3. Program for charitable jobs (ALEXANDROS is recruting, organizing, coordinating personnel to cater for  a charity program with the  Municipality of Galatsi, in the Attica Region of Greece) (2012-2013)


The program is financed by the European Social Fund and creates 144 jobs.

Action-interventions of the program are as follows:

1.  Coordination, Health and Safety at Work
2. Facilitating the daily life of the disabled and elderly citizens of the Municipality (methodical recording, quantification and evaluation services)

3. Actions for Children Welfare and Children - Learning Activities for young people, cultural activities and support of Entrepreneurship
Action 3.1 Action for Child Welfare and Child

Action 3.2 Education Activities for the youth and cultural activities for all    citizens.Support of entrepreneurship
4. Securing city's empty spaces, sustaining the urban and suburban green
5. Supporting the Municipal Social Grocery Store. Support in implementing the institution of economic weakness, for financially weak citizens (Greek Law  3852/2010)

In 2012, Alexandros Fokmee, with a team of European NGOs (Oikos - Cooperação e Desenvolvimento of Portugal- DemNet Hungaryof Hungary- Gemer Regional Association of Non-State Forest Owners of Slovakia- Pirkanmaan Sininauha ry of Finland) and with the University of Aegean as leader partner, submitted a proposal in the CITIZENSHIP EACEA program (Action 1 - Active Citizens for Europe, Measure 2 - Citizens' projects and support measures, Measure 2.1 Citizens' projects). Although highly marked and innovative, the proposal failed closely to receive funding.

Our organization, "ALEXANDROS FOKMEE" has been deemed the adequacy certification on its capacity to undertake projects of the Operational Programme "Human Resources Development", funded by ESF, by own means.

All EU programs are administered by the "Implementation and Project Management" Unit.